SagivTech Ltd. is a limited liability company (P.C. 514229095) based in Israel. Established on Jan. 2009 and operating as an ISV, the company‘s core competency is its strong domain expertise in computer vision, deep learning and machine learning algorithms development and implementation, and optimized code for various platforms such as CPU, GPU and DSP. It provides Research & Development services and licensed software solutions. SagivTech has a unique expertise with applications that run on an integrated system of mobile devices and servers. In particular, SagivTech has developed an infrastructure for efficient data streaming on GPU platforms and efficient utilization of multi GPU systems. SagivTech brings its expertise in the computer vision, machine learning and deep learning based applications from acquisition via an algorithmic flow to visualization. SagivTech also brings a unique know how in multi and many core computing which is critical for handling the computationally and data intensive tasks.