Project 2

Mathematical modelling and numerical simulation of coupled thermo-acoustic multi-layer systems for enabling particle velocity measurements in the presence of airflow


Project Partners:

  • Instituto Tecnológico de Matemática Industrial (ITMATI),  Spain
  • Microflown, Netherlands

Project Scientists:

Ashwin Sadanand Nayak
Early Stage Researcher (ESR02)

Andrés Prieto Aneiros

Daniel Fernández Comesana

Project Description:

Microflown USP probes, which are able to measure particle velocity and acoustic pressure fields simultaneously, are sensitive to the effect of wind, since they are based on thermal transducers and hence highly dependent on the variations of thermal flow velocity. Objectives of this research project are the mathematical modelling and numerical simulation of thermo-acoustic coupled Systems (involving USP probes, the compressible fluid in the presence of flow, and the multilayer windscreen). The numerical results will play a key role in the design of novel windscreens to mitigate the flow effects on the measures of acoustic probes.