Project 10

Project 10: Coupled parameterized reduced order modelling of thermo-hydro-mechanical phenomena arising in blast furnaces.


Project Partners:

SISSA, Italy


Project Scienctists:

Shah Nirav Vasant
Early Stage Researcher (ESR10)


Gianluigi Rozza (SISSA)


Peregrina Quintela Estévez (ITMATI)


Alejandro Lengomin (AMIII)


Tomás Simaro (AMIII)


Project description

In the blast furnace process knowing the thermo-mechanical behaviour of the fluid-channel ensemble or of its hearth walls improves process efficiency. The parameterization of developed models with respect to geometry design of several channels or hearth walls and to their material types is essential in order to quickly transfer the results to the design of new blast furnaces. The project focuses on mathematical modelling of thermo-hydro-mechanical phenomena arising in blast furnaces during the casting. When fine coupled models are available then for the simulation reduced order models are needed. These have to be constructed with efficient methods that preserve the coupling and the parameter structure. The project focuses on model reduction and numerical simulation of thermo-hydro-mechanical effects.