Project 8

Project 8: Efficient computational strategies for complex coupled flow, thermal and structural phenomena in parametrized settings


Project Partners:
SISSA, Italy
Danieli Officine Meccaniche, Italy


Project Scientists:

Umberto Emil Morelli
Early Stage Researcher (ESR08)


Peregrina Quintela Estévez (ITMATI)


Gianluigi Rozza (SISSA)


Gianfranco Marconi (Danieli)


Project Description

Present and future efforts in simulation-based sciences are dedicated to hierarchies of complex multi-physics problems, as well as parameterized systems characterized by multiple spatial and temporal scales. New ROM methodologies are required for coupled and parameterized problems in industrial and medical sciences. This concerns in particular fluid-structure interactions and thermo-fluid-dynamics and the use of these reduced models for Fluid-thermal phenomena.

Objective of this research project are the numerical simulation of the evolution of the fluid using a turbulence and multi-phase model. A transport passive scalar phenomenon will also be modelled in the problem. Moreover,

modelling and simulation of 3D thermal-fluid-structure phenomena will be developed. Numerical simulation will be performed on free or commercial software packages of proven quality. The objectives of the research also include reduced order modelling (computational, geometrical and parametric) for hierarchies of coupled multi-physics problems and the construction of test cases as well as carrying out numerical experiments.

Fluid-structure interaction simulations


Fluid-structure interaction simulations